IT Equipment Cleaning

Part of our success comes from working with the right partners; one of which is IT hygiene.

If you actually did a swab of your workstation, phone or whatever you would be amazed at how many harmful pathogens there are.

This is especially important if you or your staff are eating your lunch at your desks.

Here at Hygienic IT we take all of the hassle and worry about keeping your equipment clean and hygienic. This not only can result in staff having less time off with illness. The flu virus for example is readily spread by people touching a surface such as a computer keyboard and then touching their face, eyes etc.

This is worse than most people think especially where people are “Hot Desking” according to an FSA survey around 59% of people don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet and most computer keyboards have more faecal contamination than a toilet seat!

Having clean workstations also improves productivity as staff appreciate it when things are nice and clean.

Besides keeping your staff well the equipment benefits as well most computer breakdowns and loss of data is a direct result of dirty machines.

We are the industry experts in maintaining IT hygiene and we do it without fuss, at a time to suit you and for a reasonable cost compared to the benefits it brings.

Passionate people, exceeding expectations every day

Accreditations: UK Housekeepers Association; CHAS, CSCS, iPAF, emergency first aid at work, DBS checks


  • Work Stations
  • IT Equipment
  • Telephones
  • Keyboard
  • Biocide Fogging
  • UV-C Sanitation

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